Farage: “I take the advisory point”

Nigel Farage on The Andrew Marr Show, 6 November 2016

‘There is a movement to try and keep us in the single market. Jeremy Corbyn, Ed Milliband, Nick Clegg, even some Tory backbenchers who were on the leave side, are now arguing Britain must stay part of the single market. Frankly if that’s where we end up, we’ve got half Brexit and that’s not what we voted for.’

On the supreme court judgement: ‘I’m afraid that the reach of the European Union into the upper echelons of society makes it quite difficult for us to trust the judgements.’

‘If the people in this country think they’re going to be cheated,  betrayed, we’re going to see political anger the likes of which none of us in our life times have ever seen in this country.’

Debate between Nigel Farage and Gina Miller:

Nigel Farage:  Parliament has to have a vote….You’ve given all those in parliament who argue that the referendum does not mean we leave the single market, you’ve given them the chance, effectively, to overturn the prime minister’s wish and to mandate her. And if that happens you will have stirred up, I think, the biggest political upset we’ve ever seen.

Gina Miller:  So should we sack all the MPs and they  go home? We have a representative democracy at the moment which means they have to go in there and debate. That’s what you argued for the whole way through, which was parliamentary sovereignty.

Nigel Farage (visibly winces when he hears the words ‘representative democracy’):  No, no, this is not about whether parliament is sovereign, it’s about whether the British people are sovereign. And for you as a pro-EU supporter to talk about parliamentary sovereignty in Britain is a bit rich isn’t it.

Gina Miller: If parliament wanted to, the referendum act would not have said it was advisory.

Nigel Farage: I take the advisory point, and I would now wish to see constitutional change to make referendums binding and that then would end this argument and there’d be no need for this case.

Nigel Farage responding to further question from Andrew Marr:

‘I think that if parliament tried to mandate Theresa May, to keep us inside the single market, I don’t think Theresa May would have any choice but to call a general election in spring.’

Source: Andrew Marr Show

6 November 2016

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