“Access to non-UK labour urgent”, says NFU president

National Farmers Union President Meurig Raymond in discussions with Defra Secretary Andrea Leadsom on post-Brexit farming:

“We welcomed her initiative to explore new markets outside the EU such as China, but stressed that retaining key export markets for agricultural commodities, such as those to the EU, is vital for many UK farming sectors.”

The NFU President also discussed the reasons behind farming’s immediate need for non-UK seasonal labour.

“Access to non-UK labour is an urgent concern for our farmer and growers, and the food processing sector. We discussed possible solutions, including the urgent need for a substantial trial of a visa-controlled Seasonal Agricultural Permit Scheme. And due to confusion caused by Brexit, we called for the government to reassure all EU citizens already working here of their right to remain in the UK.”

Source: NFU website

28 November 2016


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