This site is a resource for politicians, journalists and campaigners to keep track of what has been said, and what is being said, in the Brexit debate.

So Brexit means… Brexit? The will of the people is clear?

We think not.

The only thing that is clear is that a tiny majority of those who voted chose to leave the EU. The result has split the country down the middle.

The question of what should replace that relationship is not defined anywhere. It has been estimated that there were 57 different types of Brexit on offer during the referendum campaign.

Yet politicians are beginning to claim they know exactly what was in the voters’ minds and where they want the government to take us.

This site has been set up by two people who are passionate about keeping the debate about the future of our country clear and transparent. We want to see the outcome increase the unity of our country, not sow division. We do not want to see our government second-guess the reasons people voted as they did, or hijack the will of the people for their own ends. There never was a Brexit manifesto, just a single question on the ballot paper. What happens next should be the subject of democratic debate to reach a national consensus.

This site exists to help further that debate in an informed and truthful way.