We need your help

We need your help to populate this easy-to-access resource of all the pledges and claims made about leaving the EU, so that it becomes easier to hold campaigners to account.

If a politician says ‘it was clear during the campaign’, or ‘I never said that’, then we want it to be easy to find what they actually said.

If a politician pretends to know what was in voters’ minds, or wants to hijack the referendum for their own ends, you will be able to check here the myriad of statements that voters have heard.

Increasingly, we’ve noticed that pledges made during the campaign seem to have faded from public view. So we need your help to track them down.

Please tell us when you see a quote from the past or present about what Brexit means.  Just send us a quote or alternatively send a message through the contact page.

We need to collect quotes from all the major campaigners,  made before and after the referendum vote. We have collected some already, but we need more.

If you are searching for ideas, then this page lists the names of a few prominent campaigners who we would like to hold to account.